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Author: Faried Banimahd


Self-Medication and Its Dangerous Risks to Your Health

Self-medication can be tempting, especially when dealing with minor symptoms such as headaches or colds. Over-the-counter medications and supplements are widely available and often seem the quickest and easiest way to treat the issue.  While treating minor illnesses and ailments may seem convenient, cost-effective, and harmless, addiction treatment centers state they can be dangerous, especially

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How to Identify the Symptoms of a Morphine Overdose

Morphine is an opioid that is used to treat severe pain. It is typically prescribed for short periods, but regular use can lead to dependence. A morphine overdose can lead to severe complications and even death if not treated properly. It is important to understand the signs and symptoms of a morphine overdose to take

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An Overview of the Treatment Process for Alcohol Problems

Alcohol abuse is a significant problem that affects millions of people in the United States. Fortunately, several different treatment options are available for people suffering from alcohol problems.  In this blog, we will provide an overview of the treatment process for alcohol problems, from initial assessment to long-term recovery. The Causes of Alcoholism Have a

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How Long Can I Expect Drugs to Stay In My Body?

When it comes to drug use, the question of how long drugs stay in your system and how to recover is often a pertinent one. The answer to this question will depend on the type of drug, the amount and frequency of use, as well as the individual’s own metabolism. So, how long do drugs

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The United States and the Ongoing Opioid Epidemic

The United States is facing an unprecedented drug epidemic. Every week, over a thousand people die from overdoses related to opioids, and the numbers are getting even higher due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, there are millions of Americans who are struggling with opioid addiction. But why is this a problem in the first place,

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How Do You Know If You Have A Drinking Problem?

According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Americans consumed approximately 2.3 billion gallons or approximately 4.5 billion bottles of alcohol in 2018. Therefore, it is estimated that approximately 12.3 million bottles of alcohol are consumed in the US daily. While the statistics may be staggering, it’s essential to note that only 7.2%

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5 Reasons That May Trigger Alcohol Relapse

Relapse is the return of symptoms of a mental health condition or substance use disorder after a period of improvement. People experience a relapse when recovering from a mental health or substance use disorder. It can take many forms and include old behaviors and thoughts. Meanwhile, people recovering from alcohol addiction may also experience relapse.

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Drug Addiction

7 Major Signs of Heroin Addiction to Watch Out For

If you or someone you care about is showing signs of heroin addiction, it’s important to be aware of the problem and get help as soon as possible. This comprehensive guide will help you identify the most common signs of heroin addiction, so you can get the treatment and support needed to recover. Heroin is

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What Are the Consequences of Teenage Alcohol Consumption

Many people view teenage alcohol consumption as a rite of passage. However, there can be serious consequences to teenage drinking. Alcohol is a depressant affecting the central nervous system, and when teenagers consume it, it can interfere with brain development and lead to several problems down the road. Heightened Risk of Alcoholism Later in Life

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Debunking the 4 Most Common Myths about Addiction and Recovery

It’s no secret that addiction and recovery can be complex topics to understand. There are many myths and misconceptions about addiction and recovery and how they work.  In this blog post, we’re going to dispel some of the most common myths about addiction and recovery. Myth #1: Addiction Is a Choice This is one of

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