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The potential for Gabapentin addiction is not talked about enough in the United States. While this drug is widely prescribed, you may find yourself dependent on it and unable to stop taking it. This is the importance of understanding what Gabapentin addiction treatment is like to find out if you need to seek help at all. 

At American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine, we are Gabapentin addiction treatment experts in Orange County, CA. Our amazing staff are led by addiction expert, Faried Banimahd, MD. (Dr. B). You can call us 24/7 for help and answers regarding Gabapentin or any substance of abuse whether it be for yourself or a loved one. We are here for you. 

According to a recent statistic, in the USA, approximately medical professionals write 57 million Gabapentin prescriptions. The brand name is also popular with the name “Neurontin.” It is an anti-seizure medicine to help patients reduce the symptoms of nerve pain and convulsions.

This drug use is also quite common in detox facilities and treatment programs. Plus, it also has many off-label uses due to its similar structure to GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), one of the vital inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Many physicians prefer medicine over traditional therapies to treat ailments, including depression and bipolar disorder. However, the drug has the potential to mimic the side effects like difficulty in speaking, drowsiness, and lack of stability.

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That is why the doctors need to weigh the benefits and risks of Gabapentin before prescribing it to any patient. The overdose of this drug can imitate narcotic abuse’s side effects, making addicted individuals crave more for it.

 Once individuals develop Gabapentin’s addiction, only reliable rehab services like American Addiction Institute can help them get rid of it. The expert team of addiction specialists at the rehab center offers customized addiction plans, therapies, and intensive outpatient programs.  

 If you or your loved one struggles from Gabapentin abuse, knowing more about it can help you break the addiction cycle.  The article, in this regard, includes everything you need to know about Gabapentin’s addiction.

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What is Gabapentin?

As mentioned above, Gabapentin is the name of a brand “Neurontin” – a common prescription painkiller included in the drug group Gabapentinoids.  The drug is an anti-convulsant that doctors use to treat medical conditions like neuropathic pain, hot flashes, and restless leg syndrome. Many doctors prescribe this drug because it is relatively less -addictive and makes a good substitute for opioids.

But it doesn’t mean that the patient using it cannot develop its addiction. Gabapentin abuse still occurs in several patients, especially the ones consuming its overdose. The chemical structure of Gabapentin causes changes in brain functioning and affects the nervous system. People on Gabapentin can get addicted to it within four weeks. 

Patients suffering from poor sleep become addicted to Gabapentin as it produces feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Why Gabapentin Addiction is Dangerous

It is worth mentioning that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t list Gabapentin as a controlled substance. However, in 2018 some USA states like Kentucky and West Virginia classify this drug as a “Schedule V medication.”

The latest studies on Gabapentin have shown that this drug produces euphoric effects. Interestingly, these effects are not much different from marijuana. The drug can increase relaxation, calmness, and sociability. This is the primary motivation behind abusing Gabapentin that makes many people start taking it as self-medication.

This is when Gabapentin, as a drug, becomes dangerous. If a person develops Gabapentin addiction, the prescriber needs to monitor him or her for any adverse side effects. However, people who obtain this drug without a prescription don’t have the facility of health monitoring.  Abusing Gadapentin may result in the following side effects;

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How to Stop Using Gabapentin

Remember that quitting Gabapentin cold turkey may cause some severe withdrawal symptoms.  That is why addiction professionals from Orange County Gabapentin addiction treatment recommend that patients first discuss it with your doctors.

Only a medical professional can guide you on how to adjust the doses slowly until you stop using it.  Put simply, it is always better to start this process under the supervision of your doctor.  In fact, tapering off or slowly taking decreased dosages can help addicted individuals avoid even prevent the side effects.  

Keep in mind that the time period to decrease the Gabapentin depends on your current dose. We offer and recommend a custom treatment solution (depending on your needs) to take you off the drug gradually.

This can include lowering the dosage over a week or several months. You may experience some withdrawal symptoms when you stop Gabapentin, such as agitation, insomnia, or anxiety.

The symptoms can be prolonged when you reduce the dose. It is vital to consult a doctor and discuss symptoms you are experiencing so that he can adjust your dosing schedule.  Make sure that your dosage schedule is flexible and according to your comfort level.

Gabapentin Recovery

Gabapentin Addiction Treatment Options

Due to the strong side effects, Gabapentin’s misuse has become very common.  Note that whether you use Gabapentin regularly or take an overdose, it may lead to drug dependence.  And if you stop using the drug abruptly, it may exacerbate the side effects. That is why slow tapering under professional medical supervision is the best treatment option for quitting the drug.

However, people who have a severe dependence on the drug can opt for a medical detox program.  Detoxing, under an addiction professional’s supervision, can help patients go through the intense and challenging process comfortably. Medical professionals prescribe specific medications that help patients adapt to transition off the Gabapentin slowly.  That means seeking professional detox treatment is an effective way to escape the drug cycle.

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Why Choose American Addiction Institute?

At American Addiction Institute, We have years of experience offering Gabapentin addiction treatment in Orange County, CA. We know how dangerous quitting Gabapentin can be. It is especially true if you stop taking the drug suddenly. That is why we offer medication-assisted treatment and intensive outpatient treatment to help patients make a smooth journey to sobriety.

 Using a holistic approach and science-based treatments, the doctors at American Addiction Institute ensure the addicted individual’s complete recovery. Moreover, our program also includes sober living and help patients develop healthy coping skills to avoid relapse.

Don’t let your drug addiction take a toll on you.  Contact us for Gabapentin addiction treatment and discuss your recovery options with our medical professionals.

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