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California At Home Detox From Drugs & Alcohol | Executive Concierge Detox

At-home detox from drugs and alcohol is a primary choice for most executives. Detoxing at home under medical supervision allows you to discreetly recover without having to worry about jeopardizing anything. Our at-home detox program in California is for you if you want to detox from the comfort of your home and maximum privacy. When you do not want to be admitted to a full detox or residential treatment center, This is the program for you. 

American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine provides safe and effective at-home detox for executives led by our award-winning medical director, Dr. Faried Banimahd. Call us today for details.

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What is Concierge Detox?

Concierge detox is when a medical doctor comes to your private residence to assist you hands-on with detoxing from drugs and/or alcohol. Concierge detox is a preferred solution to many wealthy individuals and executives who do not wish to be in a more general facility with others. Detoxing at home with a concierge service may also be a safer solution during the pandemic and future potential outbreaks.  

Concierge Addiction Treatment

Concierge addiction treatment is the next phase after the initial detox. Our medical doctor will make regular visits at your private residence to make sure you safely taper off of the substances you have been using. The doctor will create a custom recovery solution for you based on your substance use and medical history, availability, and his medical experience. The main goal of our concierge addiction treatment program is to help you maintain your lifestyle while being provided a hands-on and custom addiction treatment plan. You can call us confidentially 24/7 for more information on our California concierge detox and addiction treatment program.

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At-home Medication Assisted Treatment

Our Concierge detox and treatment program at American Addiction Institute is primarily a medication-assisted treatment program. We are not a 12-step program. We use an evidence and science-based approach to treating substance use disorder. From our experience, this is the most effective model for treating alcoholism and drug addiction. In line with our position that substance abuse is a chronic disease with the best outcomes realized through this model, we adhere to the following validated position below.

World Health Organization (WHO) Principles of Good Care for Chronic Disease:

  • Develop a treatment partnership with patient
  • Focus on patient concerns and priorities
  • Support patient’s self-management of disease
  • Organize pro-active follow-up
  • Link patients to community resources/support
  • Work as a clinical team
  • Involve “expert patients”, peer educators, and support staff
  • Ensure continuity of care
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Private Sober Living Residence for Executives

If you need a brief escape while recovering, we offer a private and limited resident sober living residence in California. Here, you will have full accommodations and respect for your privacy. Our medical director will schedule regular visits with you. You can reside in our sober living while being a part of our concierge detox or outpatient program. We understand how busy you are as an executive and have the expertise to get you back on track ASAP. Contact us today for a confidential assessment.

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