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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab costs?

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse and need rehab, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AKA BCBS medical health insurance will cover the costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation at most treatment facilities. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a very common  insurance provider that is accepted at many drug rehab facilities, including us at American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine.

blue cross blue shield drug rehab

What all is covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance can vary depending on what state your plan is from and the individual policy plan that you have. You can contact us today or BCBS directly to ask about what if any additional out of pocket expenses that you may have for attending a drug rehab program. 

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Mental Health Therapy?

Similarly to drug rehab, mental health treatment and therapy are often covered by your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance and is widely accepted by most mental health professionals and group practices. Your coverage for mental health may vary depending on the state that your plan is from as well as the type of BCBS plan that you currently have. 

If you need to check whether your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan covers the costs of mental health therapy, you can look for information in the outpatient mental health section on your summary of benefits provided to you. You should be able to  find your summary of benefits by logging into your Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Services online website, calling BCBS directly, or by checking your employer’s health benefits portal if your plan was provided through your job. 

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

If you need to attend an intensive outpatient treatment program for substance abuse, Blue Cross Blue Shield is typically accepted at most centers, including American Addiction Institute. Other major insurance types similar to BCBS are often accepted for IOP as well. You can call us to verify your BCBS coverage for IOP or contact them directly to make sure that you are covered. 

An intensive outpatient treatment program otherwise known as IOP is a flexible substance abuse treatment program which allows you to continue with the obligations of your daily life such as work, school, family, and other priorities while only spending a few hours a day 3-4 days per week at the facility. You can learn more about intensive outpatient treatment programs in this article.

What Types of Drug Rehab Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover?

Most drug and alcohol treatment facilities will accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance at any level of care. Common levels of drug rehab that are accepted include:

Individual treatment for various types of substance abuse can also be covered with your BCBS insurance. Common drugs that we are able to help you overcome dependency on include but are not limited to:

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How Do I Know My Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage For Rehab?

There are several ways to know if your BCBS insurance covers the costs of rehab or not as well as to what extent. The first method is to reach out to them directly or look in your online membership portal. The second method is to simply call us at (800)779-4715. Our friendly staff are by the phone 24/7 and able to help you right now. They will guide you through how to verify your insurance and make sure that rehab is covered for you. We are able to run your benefits and get you answers fast!

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone treatment is a very common medication-assisted treatment used to taper patients off of harder Opioids such as Heroin or Fentanyl. Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone which help reduce cravings and your dosage can easily be managed by a trained professional. Some people slowly taper their Suboxone dosage down to eventually zero, while some patients remain on a low dose for life. We do not stigmatize medication-assisted treatment at our facility and will support whatever path you take.

Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield does in fact cover Suboxone treatment as well as other forms of medication-assisted treatment. Faried Banimahd MD is one of the leading Subxone treatment specialists in Orange County. You can learn more about Suboxone treatment to see if it’s right for you, in this article

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