If you need treatment for drugs or alcohol, you may be deciding whether to find a local treatment center or travel somewhere else for it. However, the location you choose shouldn’t be your primary concern. Your priority should be finding the right addiction treatment that you need. This sometimes means traveling for addiction treatment in order to find the best doctor or treatment center. Just like any other disease, treating addiction need to be dealt with care, a comprehensive understanding and an approach that fits you. We at American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine pride ourselves on our amazing addiction treatment services and customer service led by Dr. Faried Banimahd (Dr. B). If you have any questions or concerns about traveling for addiction treatment, please call us 24/7 (800)779-4715.

Choosing a Location for Rehab

After deciding to quit drug or alcohol abuse, select the place where you should rehabilitate. Sometimes, the best places aren’t close by, even though there are treatment facilities around the country. Each facility is unique to its environment, therapies, treatments, and more. Insurance providers can help you choose a facility that is covered by benefits, and they also offer different treatment options. Some in-network rehabs can even be local, while other centers are a distance away.

No matter how you pay for your treatment, you’ll need to find a center that fits your exact needs, regardless of where it is. Contacting a rehab professional can help you determine where to go.

The Advantages of Traveling

Sometimes, going to another city or state is a good option because the local drug rehab centers may not have a treatment option for you. Even if they do, it might not be high-quality. If you’re in the U.S. and are willing to travel, you’ll have access to many thousands of centers across the country. 

traveling for addiction treatment

With a greater pool of options, it is more likely that you’ll find the exact treatment you need. One of the major benefits of traveling for treatment is to get away from the environment and triggers that led you to the substance abuse in the first time. By going to a trusted treatment center in another state, it’s far harder to find a connection to use again. It’s also harder for you to simply walk out of a treatment center because you won’t know anyone. Traveling for treatment is one of the best things you can do to completely take your mind off of the substance abuse and focus on making positive changes.

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The Disadvantages of Local Rehabs

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Some disadvantages include the temptation to go home before the treatment is complete. Friends and family can also distract you as they live very close. Finally, you may end up settling for a lower-quality treatment without considering other possible options.

The process of rehabilitation isn’t easy for anyone. The journey may not be comfortable, but with the right facilities and experts, the journey can become easier. With that said, where ever you decide to go, whether local or traveling out of state, make sure that the treatments and facilities offered are exactly what you need.

Finding The Best Addiction Treatment

For addiction treatment in Santa Ana, seek help from us at the American Addiction Institute today. We are a leading drug rehabilitation community in Orange County, and we aim to provide the best recovery and treatment options for our patients! We would love the opportunity to show you a different style of treating addiction than you may have seen or heard of before. Dr. B’s methodology to treating addiction is the chronic disease model of care. Our science based and non judgmental approach to treating addiction will make you excited about living again! Call us today to discuss your options and see if we are the right center for you!

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