Alcohol dependency is a challenge that will take dedication and commitment to fix. If you find yourself relying on the effects of alcohol to help you navigate your day, you will eventually realize how devastating too much consumption can be. As such, the desire to sober up will arise.

Despite that, it can be difficult to get sober, especially in the beginning. Your cravings are still strong, and it can be relatively easy to break and give in. For this reason, dedicating yourself to changing your habits is a must.

While reversing alcohol dependency is a tough challenge, there are some activities that can help you in your journey toward self-awareness and recovery, including:

1. Drinking coffee as a substitute

While the effects of alcohol and coffee are obviously polar opposites, drinking coffee as a substitute for your alcohol cravings can be extremely helpful. Although caffeine is also known as something most people become addicted to, coffee is undoubtedly less destructive to the body.

Drinking coffee when you feel your alcohol cravings rising can help you feel satisfied. Furthermore, drinking coffee as a daily habit will help you with your long-term journey to change.

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2. Daily exercise

Physical activity helps the brain and the body focus more on exerting physical effort, which means you get to think less of your cravings. Exercising will allow your brain to release chemicals that stimulate a good feeling. After a while, you will also feel relaxed and more energetic, allowing you to fight your alcohol cravings a lot easier.

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3. Taking cold showers

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When you start feeling that you want to drink alcohol, taking a cold shower can help distract you. Cold showers make a person more alert and feel more awake. Whenever you feel the desire to drink alcohol, take a cold shower to shock your body, preventing you from thinking about your alcohol cravings.

4. Eating healthy

A healthy diet will rewire your body’s priorities in terms of nutrition, which means that you’re a lot less susceptible to alcohol cravings when you start eating healthy. While it’s not an easy habit to pursue, eating healthy can bring wonders not only to your fight with your alcohol dependency but also to your overall health.

Having a balanced diet that contains vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, protein from meat, and carbohydrates from rice or bread will make your body stronger. Over time, you may notice that you crave less alcohol. Daily exercise and a healthy diet will also give your body the care it needs, and you’ll feel much better after a long time of doing it.

5. Getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential to recovery, literally and figuratively. If you want to feel less cranky and more alert during the day, you need to get enough sleep every night. Also, when you’re well-rested, your body is a lot stronger and more capable of resisting temptations, allowing you to forget about your alcohol cravings for good.


Choosing to become sober is one step to getting there. Dedication and commitment will bring you a lot closer to the end goal. It may be challenging and difficult at times, but by regularly doing the mentioned activities, you will achieve sobriety eventually.

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