Top 25 Addiction Recovery TikTok Profiles You Should Follow

TikTok recovery community

Whether you still believe that TikTok is only an app for dancing children or not doesn’t matter. As the platform continues to grow, there are increasingly more and more communities that are beginning to sprout up. Surprisingly enough, the recovery community has migrated to TikTok as a way to connect with others and voice their own struggles about recovery in hopes of inspiring others as well as family members.

This hand picked list of the top 25 addiction recovery TikTok profiles are some of our favorites that we think you should check out and follow! They are all sharing their experience, strength, hope, and what has been working for them. We hope you like this list, and if it inspires you we encourage you to try it for yourself! Put yourself out there, share your story, and who knows. It just might save a life.

Top 25 TikTok Recovery Profiles

1. @AddictionRecovery 

Dr. B addiction recovery leverages his experience as a medical doctor to provide you with scientifically accurate knowledge on medication-assisted treatment, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and the overall medical history of certain drugs that are abused. Dr. B also has a fantastic Youtube channel that you can find here.

2. @Real_Talk_Recover

Nicole Ploudre of Real Talk Recovery has been sharing her (sometimes brutally) honest experience of her polysubstance abuse and recovery using Suboxone for years across YouTube and now TikTok. She holds nothing back giving you a glimpse into what it is actually like to be addicted to a substance and how to find a model of recovery that works for you.

3. @bemagik

Brian and his wife Ta_cook aka Tara live in Texas and are both in recovery.  He did 11 yrs in prison and was homeless from his heroin addiction.  

4. @PejInterventions

Pej is a drug and alcohol interventionist who also happens to be 13.5 years sober. on his TikTok profile he shares his honest opinions on what different drugs that he used were like, how you can stop enabling loved ones, and is heavy into the 12-step model. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in 12-step recovery content on TikTok, Pej is the account to follow!

5. @tacook02

Tara- was addicted to pcp and has been in recovery for years. She loves to dance and share recovery advice with you! If you want to get funky and love some fun dancing, check out her page!

6. @Soberdogs

Kyle is amazing has been sober a while & has a yt channel! He utilizes dogs as a type of recovery therapy & also has his own website.

7. @aptv_recovery

April is a little over 1yr sober. She also has a YouTube channel and does live streams all the time on TikTok. She shares her experience, strength & hope to help others who struggle with addiction.

8. @ronnymorales

Ronny has over 1 year sober. He was addicted to opiates and alcohol. Ronny is very active in the online recovery scene. He is often facilitating zoom recovery meetings and offers to help anyone in need.

9. @addictnamedchauncie

Her content is so creative! She is probably one of the most creative recovery TikTokers. She makes skits and songs all about recovery and acts them out.

9. @twinmommy2be

She is a mother to twins. She was addicted to heroin and Xanax for over 20 years. Aimee is going back to college. Her goal is to become a drug and Alcohol counselor. 

10. @Maggzle

Has super creative recovery content. She has been to over 20 rehabs! She uses her experience to help others. She just started a new series on her TikTok sharing her experiences in all 20 of the treatment centers she has been to. 

11. @Christinehmoorecontent

Recovery coach and certified peer recovery coach. Christine shares her experience being addicted to opiates and sleeping pills. Her addiction almost caused her to lose everything.  Her husband had served her with divorce papers! She turned her life around and is now using her story to help coach addicts.

12. @dizzzilicious

Under 1 yr sober. Super talented and funny too! Does zoom meetings. Dizzy runs zoom meetings almost every night. She shares her experience on her tiktok and is very relatable and uplifting to women in recovery. 

13. @devonz_savagerecovery

Devon is also in the MAT community. He is extremely supportive of all pathways to recovery. He has recently been sharing his journey living in his van and moving into sober living! If you want to see a true come up story, check him out!

14. @Meghansols

Megan loves to tell story times! She is a lot like Real Talk Recovery and holds nothing back! She shares the good the bad and the ugly of addiction/recovery.

15. @SoberComedy

Sammy has recently made it to over 160,000 followers! He has meetings every Friday on his TikTok & does sober comedy skits! He always has a smile on his face. Sammy is a great example to young people of what recovery can do!

16. @Corinda.xo

Corinda is part of the mat community. She is an advocate for MAT specifically methadone maintenance. She is using her platform to help educate people on methadone and help smash the stigma associated with it.

17. @allierecovers

Allie is so clever. She recently went viral for a song she wrote about meth. Her content is original. She is often the one who starts trends on the recovery side of TikTok!

18. @thesoberscript

Taylor is a sober mentor and in recovery himself since 2015. Taylor’s TikTok account shares relatable sketches, shares inspiring stories of hope, and just how awesome life can be in recovery!

19. @Soberflex

He is a real rags to riches story! He came from nothing! He recently celebrated 3yrs sober. Started his own lawn care business and has built it from the ground up. He caught the eye of a bunch of larger creators and they raised money to buy him a doolytruck for his business!!! 

20. @recoverymike

Mike has been very active across all platforms. He is also a co host of a recovery podcast called The Stigma Ends Here.

21. @the_mama_shark

Leader of the sharks in the community- Sarah has built the community of “sharks” in the Recovery Community.  They all have shark in their screen names. She supports all pathways and is very outspoken and opinionated. She uses her platform to push unity and love for all addicts. 

22. @sober.og..sobergang

The OG of the sober community – is a triple og! He offers sponsorship to men in recovery & makes his rounds showing support for all. He is nonjudgmental & supports all pathways

23. @recoverysal

Sal regularly hosts zoom recovery meetings. Sal is in recovery from alcohol and opiates. He is a true gentlemen and leads by example. He is always there to support and lend a helping hand. He and his wife have a special needs daughter named Sophie. He got sober bc his daughter and talks about how she saved his life!

24. @climb4recoveryc4r62

Travis hosts a podcast with Recovery Mike called the Stigma stops here. He uses his platform to help others. 

25. @addicttoathlete3

Coach Blu is a clinical mental health counselor and host of the Addict II Athlete podcast. Addict II Athlete is a nonprofit action-orientated addiction recovery program that will assist anyone touched by addiction and mental health. 

26. @franki_says_relax

Franki is a recovery coach, life coach, author, mother, and certified badass! Her TikTok page is all about seeing the fun in life and creating positive steps to live your best life!

Is TikTok Right For You?

We really hope that you have enjoyed this list, found a new favorite recovery TikToker, and maybe have even gotten the courage to jump on there yourself! TikTok may not be right for everyone, but for this group of recovery warriors and their followers it sure is a safe haven. This is a helpful TikTok Marketing Guide that will help you get started if you are interested in trying it out! 

We would love for this list to be ever evolving! If we left out a favorite TikToker, you see a correction that should be made, you would like to be removed from the list, or would like to add yourself, please contact Austin Armstrong at 

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