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If a loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, finding a quality Orange County California drug rehab center can prove difficult. There are many options you need to consider when looking for a rehab facility that fits your loved one’s unique and specific needs. With all these choices laid before you, you may feel overwhelmed and even anxious about choosing the right drug rehab facility. The experienced addiction treatment professionals at American Addiction Institute are here to help, and we have put together an insightful article on what to look for in a California drug rehab. You can also reach out to us 24/7 by phone or live chat if we can answer any specific questions for you.

What Options do I Need to Look for in a California Drug Rehab?

drug intervention

Intervention Services

When you begin your search for a California drug rehab for a loved one, you may want to check if they offer intervention services. Oftentimes, addicts operate under a heavy sense of denial regarding their addiction.

When confronted about their addiction, the addict will rationalize their use, minimize its impacts on their lives and the lives of loved one, or may even engage in manipulation and guilt to deflect consequences.

In those cases, it is highly advisable to find a California drug treatment facility that offers intervention services.  An intervention is a carefully planned out event that involves family, loved ones, friends and others who are concerned about the welfare of the struggling addict.  Led by an experienced interventionist or addiction treatment professional, the intervention serves three purposes:

  1. Provides specific examples of destructive behaviors and their impact on the addicted person and their loved ones.
  2. Offers a pre-arranged treatment plan with clearly demarcated steps, goals and guidelines.
  3. Spells out what each person will do if a loved one refuses the offer of treatment[1].

If you are considering staging an intervention for a loved one, you need to seek the help of a California rehab center that provides this important service. Trying to do an intervention yourself will do more harm than good. Confronting a loved one about their addiction can be emotionally volatile. By having an experienced interventionist on hand to guide the process, you increase the chances of a loved one accepting and entering treatment.

[1] Mayo Clinic. Diseases and Conditions—Intervention: Help a loved one overcome addiction. Mayo Clinic: Rochester, MN.

Orange County California Drug Detox

Another feature of quality drug rehabs in California is medical detoxification programs. When people quit using drugs and/or alcohol, they will experience a variety of physical and psychological symptoms associated with withdrawal. These symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and painful to endure. If users try to withdraw from substances on their own without medical supervision, the symptoms they feel may be so severe they revert back to taking substances in order to alleviate the discomfort. Worst yet, these symptoms may be life-threatening if there are underlying medical conditions.

Medical detoxification allows people to better tolerate the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. There are three main objectives for medical detoxification programs in California drug and alcohol rehabs:

  • Evaluation—experienced detox staff will test the bloodstream of patients for substances that are being abused and measure their concentration. Additionally, treatment staff will perform comprehensive screening for any co-occurring mental and physical conditions that may be the underlying factors for an individual’s substance abuse. 
  • Stabilization—in this phase, treatment staff will utilize both medical and psychological processes in assisting patients through the acute intoxication and withdrawal to a state where the addict is in a substance-free state. This is done through the use of medications, nutritional therapy and other interventions.
  • Entry into Treatment  — once a patient is both physically and psychologically stable, they can transition into intensive drug treatment. When a patient arrives in treatment, they will have an individualized treatment plan created by staff that fits their unique and specific needs. We recommend Suboxone treatment as a sustainable long-term recovery solution.

It is important to note that many California drug and alcohol rehabs have medical detoxification services and staff onsite. If not, the facility has facilities that are in close proximity to the treatment center. You can call us 24/7 to learn more about detoxing with us or getting on a Suboxone treatment plan.

Intensive Inpatient Treatment

medical detox

For many who struggle with substance abuse, intensive inpatient treatment will give them the tools, support and space to address and overcome their addiction. For inpatient treatment, clients reside in the treatment facility itself in order to devote their focus and energies towards their recovery. The goals of inpatient treatment are to help the addict see the problems caused by substance abuse and motivate them to change their behaviors to more positive and healthy behavior. This will help repair their relationship with loved ones and friends and will help them build a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Each client has an individualized treatment program that includes individual and group counseling, therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI), life and coping skills training. Additionally, California drug rehabs can feature recreational programs, art and music therapy programs and even animal therapy programs to help clients reconnect with their authentic self.

Many intensive inpatient drug treatment programs in California last for average of 30 days. However, 30 days may not be enough time for a client to thoroughly work through the underlying roots of their addiction. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you find a California drug rehab that features drug treatment programs that last 60-90 days or even longer.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

While inpatient drug treatment is the best option to address one’s substance abuse, it may not be the best option for some people. There may be some who are unable to reside in a treatment facility for a lengthy period of time due to work, school or family commitments. In these cases, an intensive outpatient treatment program may be attractive. IOP’s are ideal in the fact that people can attend treatment during the day or in the evening when their schedules allow. Secondly, intensive outpatient programs in California are ideal for those who may not need medical detoxification services. Additionally, these programs provide perfect aftercare programming for those who successful completed inpatient treatment.

The focus of an IOP is relapse prevention and healthy ways to deal with the urges and cravings that can lead to substance use. These programs are similar to inpatient programs in the fact that feature individual and group therapy as well as life and coping skills training. With intensive outpatient, clients can practice the skills they learn into their daily lives and receive feedback from their therapist as well as other clients.

In an IOP, clients will meet regularly for a period of several weeks. On average, therapists and clients meet on an average of 4 days a week or more depending on the program. For each session patients will be in programming for 3 or 4 hours per session for a total length of time generally being 10-12 weeks. As people progress in treatment, the frequency and duration of programming will decrease.

Intensive outpatient treatment

California Sober Living

Another component to look for in a California drug rehab program is if they feature a sober living program. Sober living (also commonly known as halfway houses) are substance free environments for those individuals who completed treatment and are looking to continue on the path of recovery. Generally, those who choose to stay in a sober living house can stay as long as needed. A majority of sober-living houses are owned by the facility and will bill directly for services. However, some do accept insurance payments .

When compared to inpatient treatment, sober living has less structure. However, that does not mean that residents can sit idle to “wait out their time”. Sober living residents must continue to go to 12-step meetings as well as weekly house meetings. Residents must also be active in looking for work (if they need to find work) or educational opportunities. While there is less strict supervision, there are house managers staffed around the clock. For those who violate house rules or bring substances onto house grounds, they will be evicted and often with no chance for re-entry.

Sober Living House

Telemedicine For Addiction

Telemedicine is a treatment option that has started to be featured in California drug rehabs. Telemedicine is the practice of medicine where both therapist and patient communicate via computer, closed-circuit television or other means of private two-way communication. In addition to these forms of communication, telemedicine can also be performed over the phone, via text or increasingly by specially designed apps.

Telemedicine can of great benefit for clients in rural areas where treatment options are limited. Telemedicine can also be of benefit for those who are homebound and are unable to make it into a drug treatment facility in California. Additionally, telemedicine options may be a viable option for those who are physically disabled. Telemedicine services can be very beneficial to those who have completed treatment or can provide the motivation an addict needs to start substance abuse treatment.

Finding The Best California Addiction Treatment Center

Dealing with a loved one’s drug addiction can be frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time. The prospect of finding the right help creates confusion and stress that is unwanted in your daily life. The information contained in this article will give you the information you need to find a California drug rehab program for a loved one.

When you are looking for quality drug treatment programming, call the compassionate and experienced professionals at American Addiction Institute. We are a non-profit organization whose only goal is a client’s well-being and journey in lifelong recovery. Our programs are research-driven, extensively tested and proven to work. No matter the severity of one’s addiction, American Addiction Institute features the programs and services that can be individually tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

Don’t wait another day; Call American Addiction Institute toll-free right now.

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