One of the reasons people use Benzodiazepine is that they work—and they work fast. However, this type of drug should not be used without a prescription. That said, you need to visit a doctor and undergo treatment. Additionally, the prescription will be based on your current mental state, which means that you might not get prescribed this drug after all. Due to its effects, a lot of people would try to get the drug illegally, which then leads to addiction. 


A benzodiazepine drug is a depressant that helps in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and insomnia. The drug is known for its instant effects, which is why it’s often recommended for “as needed treatment.” It works by slowing down the function of the brain and the central nervous system. The drug carries calming and sleep-inducing effects. 

The most commonly prescribed benzos are Xanax (Alprazolam) and Valium (Diazepam). Due to its immediate effects, the drug is the most heavily abused. If you would like more information on how to quit Benzos, please call us now.

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Benzo Abuse

benzo abuse

Patients who have prescriptions for benzos, as well as the ones who don’t use the drugs for similar reasons, can abuse benzo. Some patients would choose to self-medicate their sleep problems or anxiety by altering their prescription or illegally obtaining them. In turn, it leads to recreational abuse, and eventually, addiction. Some people use benzos to self-treat the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal.

However, benzos are used alongside other substances, such as opioids and alcohol. People who use benzos for recreational purposes claim that it increases the pleasurable effects of other drugs. 

How do you know if a loved one is abusing the use of benzos? Even when used right, benzos can create certain mental, physical, and emotional side effects. You can imagine what it can do to a person who abuses it—the effects are more intense. 

Since benzos have immediate effects, a person who abuses it may show confusion, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, intense calm, irritability, impaired memory, and lethargy. Signs of casual abuse may be less visible, but over time, it will become more evident. Therefore, if you suspect a loved one is abusing benzos, be mindful of their behavior.

Benzodiazepine Addiction Signs

It’s a challenge to identify a benzo abuser, but here are some other signs:

  • They are distant
  • They are consumed by thoughts of drug
  • They fail to fulfill their responsibilities
  • They lie or become evasive when approached about drug use

Benzo abuse can lead to severe mental and emotional issues. However, it becomes most dangerous when used along with other substances. The abuse of benzos can depress the central nervous system that can put your health in danger. If combined with other substances, such as opioids, it can compound the depression of the central nervous system that can lead to a fatal overdose. 

Overcoming Benzo Addiction

The good news is, there is a way out of the addiction. Rehab facilities in Santa Ana can help a loved one overcome drug addiction. Find a Santa Ana drug rehab that can suit the needs of your loved one. 

Treatment for benzo abuse usually involves medical detox and in-patient treatment, which can address the physical and mental effects of the abuse. 


Benzo abuse is a serious matter. If you suspect your loved one is addicted to the drug and is using it along with other harmful drugs illegally, it’s essential to get intervention before it gets worse. 

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