The COVID-19 pandemic is currently keeping entire nations in crisis mode. This disease belongs to the coronavirus family, which are diseases that cause respiratory symptoms like coughs, a cold, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing.

Severe cases of COVID-19 looks like pneumonia and SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome. In some situations, people stricken with COVID-19 have died from kidney failure. The disease’s symptoms manifest anywhere from two to 14 days after a person’s first exposure to a carrier. What is frightening about this disease is that it is highly contagious.

Since it is a serious disease with no vaccine, many people are understandably worried about its transmission. Physical distancing concerns are also changing our daily routines; at the moment, there are virtually no public celebrations, meetings, or gatherings; this is to stem the spread of the virus. This makes it even more difficult for people to get the rehab treatments they deserve. 

If a person is coping with addiction, they need treatment whether or not there is a pandemic. Overcoming a condition like this is also a matter of life and death; people are more vulnerable to relapsing during a crisis point, and they need to continue their addiction treatment at this time. 

Furthermore, there is no evidence that rehab centers are prone to coronavirus outbreaks; a patient would not be more likely to contract the virus at a rehab center, provided they follow proper physical distancing and personal disinfection measures.

Dealing with COVID-19 and drug addiction

Recovery is also vital in keeping you safe from the virus. All the studies on this disease show that immunocompromised individuals are the ones most vulnerable to coronavirus. People with nicotine addiction are high-risk, since COVID-19 targets a body’s respiratory tract. In addition, men are more susceptible to this disease; this is because on average, there are more male smokers than female ones.

Smoking weakens the immune system and is a contributing factor to other health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and respiratory problems. Those who use marijuana are not exempt; they are just as likely to contract this virus. It is not true that CBD can help treat coronavirus; as of the moment, there is no vaccine against COVID-19.

People who use illicit drugs like meth, heroin, hallucinogens, cocaine, and others, are also at risk for the disease. Abusing drugs damages not just the body’s neuropsychological responses but also its immune response.

drug rehab during COVID-19

Prescription drug shortages in the pandemic

Another unfortunate result of the coronavirus outbreaks is the shortage of prescription drugs in the country. Since the pandemic has forced plenty of manufacturers to close indefinitely, it has also impacted the supply of medications in the U.S. market. People in addiction therapy use prescription drugs during detox. They also manage withdrawal symptoms by medicating.

It is highly recommended for patients undergoing drug or alcohol rehab to stock up on supplies. Some people are afraid of leaving their homes because they fear contamination; however, it is also likely that they will experience adverse reactions from being off their medications.

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Protecting oneself from the virus

addiction treatment during covid 19

Since there are no treatments currently available for COVID-19, the best way to protect oneself is by following sanitary precautions. Washing the hands regularly with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds, is the most effective way to get rid of the coronavirus. If there is no soap and water available, a 70 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer will do.

Rehab patients should also avoid close contact with persons who show symptoms. When outside the house, it is good to always wear a face mask and avoid touching high-contact surfaces. Touching the eyes, nose, and mouth is also highly discouraged.


Drug-dependent persons have a weakened immune system. This makes it more likely for them to contract diseases like COVID-19. To prevent oneself from succumbing to this virus, it is best to continue drug rehabilitation efforts. At a rehab center, there are various treatment options available for both inpatient and outpatient individuals.

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