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The concept of IOP has its roots in the 1970s and 80s with the explosion of cocaine use and middle-class white-collar men who could not take time off from work to enter residential treatment services. Over the next 20 years, a lot of research went into formalizing intensive outpatient services and applying it to different segments of the populations. That being the case, we have a lot of robust data into what works best and who does it work best for. In short, it essentially entails 9 to 15 hours per week of group and behavioral intervention. For more details, please contact our program for specific services. In general, our goal is to step down clients to the outpatient (OP) level of care and back into the community. The OP level of care is 1-3 hours per weeks, and clients may or may not be living in sober living.

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Inherent in our philosophy as a nonprofit organization is service to individuals as well as our greater community at large. From this idea stems every decision that we make in your treatment which essentially means that our only goal is your recovery.