Harm Reduction Institute

American Addiction Institute has recently formed its own harm reduction program to cast a wider and more effective net to improve the health of people suffering from addiction. HRI strives to meet the most marginalized and ostracized members of our community where they are at in life and provide judgement-free, empathetic, supportive, and needed medical outreach to mitigate the greater health and social consequences of addiction. We contend that providing harm reduction services amid the largest opiate epidemic in our nation’s history will: improve public health, build a supportive and loving community, and achieve superior health care outcomes with respect to addiction. HRI’s focus is keeping our patients as healthy as possible so they can enter addiction treatment when they are ready.

Americam Addiction Institute offers opioid treatment programs in Orange County

How You can help:

We are always looking for help for our Narcan outreach program! If you would like to obtain free Narcan for yourself or organization, donate, or to arrange training’s for Narcan administration,  please contact the head of our HRI program:

Mahan Naeim

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