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American Addiction Institute is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide the best possible clinical care and outcomes to individuals suffering from addiction. Our model is rooted in evidence-based, empathetic treatment, and harm reduction engagement in order to effectively treat the chronic relapsing-remitting disease that is addiction.

The unfortunate truth behind making our goals a reality is that money is the rate limiting step. All donations to the American Addiction Institute are tax-deductible and directly fund scholarship patients on the road to recovery and all logistical operations required to make their evidence-based transition to sobriety.

In addition, we engage the community in evidence-based education, workshops, and outreach to extend the impact of our practice beyond the individual patients we treat.

This is critical because recovery needs the support and collaboration of the community to address the sociological roots of addiction.

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Mind + Medicine

Dr. Faried Banamahd M.D.

Dr. B is the founder, CEO, and clinical director of American Addiction Institute of Mind and Medicine. This is a non-profit Intensive Out Patient (IOP) program for substance abuse and mental health.

The philosophical cornerstone of the program is that opioid abuse psychosocial treatment should be couched in medication-assisted treatment. Furthermore, care should be driven by clinicians, robust psychosocial intervention including vocational and educational programming, and finally community outreach.

The goal of treatment is to get the client out of treatment and into the community in a tailored but timely manner.