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Here at OC Sober House, we provide a safe living environment that is both structured and supportive.  Professional staff are on-site 24/7 and clients’ recovery is monitored by medical professionals.



Professional Care Provided by Medical Professionals

Beyond our treatment of the individual suffering from addiction, we engage the community in evidence-based education, workshops, and outreach to extend the impact of our practice beyond the individual patients we treat. This is critical because recovery needs the support and collaboration of the community to address the sociological roots of addiction.

The goal of our transitional living program is to provide a safe environment and strong emotional support system for individuals to transition and reintegrate back into society, and, thus, minimize recidivism.

Our sober living program provides individuals with a safe, structured environment conducive to their recovery and a healthy reintegration back into independent housing.

The Amenities

Providing Sober Living the Best Way

Professional Staff On-Site 24/7

Medical Staff On-Call



Community Kitchenware


Cable TV

Washer / Dryer / Cleaning Supplies

Make the Change. Get Sober.

Addiction has an incredibly high rate of relapse. We do not view these relapses as failures. Rather, we work with our patients to achieve and maintain their sobriety, and work through obstacles as they arise to prevent serious chronic relapses into addiction.


Our Trusted Medical Partners

American Addiction Institute of Mind & Medicine is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the treatment of substance abuse.  Some of the services provided include Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention, Co-occuring Disorders Treatment, and more.

Zephyr Medical Group is a medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of any form of chemical dependency, illicit or otherwise.  The clinic fully supports the use of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), if clinically indicated in your care.  In addition, the paradigm of approach is grounded in Harm Reduction and tailored to each individual patient to meet them where they are at.

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