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Mission statement

To empower each substance abuse client through care based on science and compassion.To advocate for the substance abuse population through education and community outreach.

Vision Statement

To create a society where the substance abuse client can live and prosper with dignity and hope.

Passion · Commitment · Service · Integrity

Inherent in our philosophy is service to individuals as well as our community. From this idea stems every decision that we make in your recovery.

For us, “recovery” has a much greater and holistic meaning than your stopping the use of a substance or substances for a short period of time! What we aim to achieve is the long-term cessation of the substance of abuse, cognitive changes that translate into behavioral changes, and facilitation by our team into integrating you, the client, back into the functional and enriched life that you deserve.

This is what is absolutely different from us than any other center you may choose to attend or participate in!

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Medication Assisted Treatment

Addiction is a complex medical disease. The best outcomes are achieved if approached from the medical perspective.

A key component of this approach is using the scientific data and adding pharmacological interventions such as Suboxone class of medications,in addition to the appropriate psycho-social interventions.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

The concept of IOP has its roots in the1980s with the explosion of cocaine use in white-collar men in America. In time, a lot of data was collected and shown that different methods were not only effective, but could be applied to other demographics besides white collar me.

This psycho-social intervention is in addition to pharmacological intervention


Holistic Approach

Around the concept of IOP and pharmacological intervention, we try to tailor your treatment so that it best fits the individual need. This may be as wide ranging as PTSD intervention to vocational and educational support and counseling.

We try to address the particular psycho-social and environmental issues that may be at the root of the individual’s addiction.


Principles of Our Practice

Evidence-based, empathetic care that meets our patients where they’re at



Discussing Best Practices in Medicine in Recovery

Hospitals and Suboxone
Ultram and Tramadol

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best doctor I’ve ever seen

Doctor is the best doctor I’ve ever seen. He really wants to see his patients do well and will do anything and everything he can to help them succeed.

He changed my life for the better and my family and all my loved ones are proud of me. I couldn’t have done it with dr Banimahd.

Thank you doctor. I highly recommend seeing him if you have an addiction problem.

Verified patient of Dr. Faried Banimahd

Dr. Banimahd saved my life.

Dr. Faried Banimahd literally saved my life. I was referred by a personal friend. With the support of my family, and especially zephyr medical group. I have been set free from a 20 year addiction to heroin.

I highly recommend them to anyone in need of help. They are convenient ly located in Laguna hills.

Verified patient of Dr. Faried Banimahd